Improving Diabetes Outcomes Through Telemedicine

Collaboration, preventative care and affordability all come together with TreVia.

Improving Care with Preventative Screening

We found treatable diseases that can lead to blindness in 15% of asymptomatic diabetic retinopathy patients.

Enabling Diabetes Health Care Across The Globe

TreVia’s platform coordinates diabetes care throughout the world, translating communications in many languages, such as Mandarin.

Providing Faster Results

Secure results can be accessed via the internet anytime from anywhere usually within 8 hours. This facilitates collaboration and enhances patient satisfaction.

Supporting an Array of Diagnostic Data

TreVia supports diagnostic modalities beyond digital retinal images, including OCT, FA, visual field, and ERG/EOG.

Enabling Collaboration Through Digital Image Sharing

TreVia’s telemedicine platform enables instant sharing of diagnostic images through the internet for use by the entire health care team through electronic health records.

Patients Like It

On a scale of 10, patients have rated TreVia at 9.8 or above for ease of use, better coordinated care, convenience and overall experience.

Why TreVia…

What we believe

  • Our efforts will improve the quality of life for diabetes patients
  • We will have a meaningful impact on society—in the US and around the world
  • It’s critical to reinvent how diabetes care is being accessed and delivered
  • High standards should never be compromised
  • TreVia is the best trusted partner


What we do

TreVia is a health care company that provides technology-enabled services, including digital diabetic retinopathy screenings, for the prevention of diabetic complications...

Who we benefit empower physicians, health organizations, payers, retailers and patients with solutions and tools so they can take a more active, collaborative role in diabetes care...

Value we bring

...and measurably impact diabetes outcomes, the patient experience and the cost of treating diabetes.

To learn more about the value of what we do and the impact we’re making in diabetes care today, click HERE.

Invest in what you can measure...

We’re Having a Meaningful Impact in Preventing Blindness

​Since inception, TreVia has helped over 185,000 diabetic patients through our digital diabetic retinopathy screenings. This number will continue to grow as our solution is implemented across the globe.

We’re Detecting a Multitude of Eye Issues That Have Gone Undetected

​In addition to diabetic retinopathy, TreVia has identified other eye health issues that otherwise would have gone undetected. These include macular degeneration, macular edema.

We’re Identifying Eye Health Issues That Require Medical Attention

TreVia is identifying eye health issues that may have worsened without additional medical attention. Sometimes, the issue just needs closer monitoring. In more severe cases, a cost-effective procedure such as laser photocoagulation or intravitreal injection can treat the issue early to prevent vision loss and possible expensive vitrectomy surgery.

TreVia has improved accessibility of retinal screenings, offering them in convenient locations such as primary care offices. Thanks to TreVia’s solutions, I am able to provide preventative care as a retinal specialist, identifying and treating diseases in early stages before patients lose vision.

- Christopher N. Singh, MD, FACS, Vitreo Retinal Specialists, Grand Blanc, MI

We are always looking for innovative ways to cut costs and provide optimal health care. TreVia enables us to do both. In addition, the Ophthalmologist is freed from routine screenings and can focus their time and skills on patients requiring treatment.

- D. Appel, OD, Senior Optometrist, Estelle Regional Medical Facility, Huntsville, TX

We've had a very positive experience with TreVia. Our practice is improving our quality measure scores for HEDIS diabetic retinal exams and generating new revenue. Our staff easily administers the retinal exams without impacting our patient flow through the clinic, and our patients have commented that the test was simple and convenient.

- Nathan D. Granger, MD, MBA, Family Physician, Clay-Platte Family Medicine Clinic, PC, Kansas City, MO

We participate in all of the HEDIS Bonus Programs, that was our main reason for getting the fundoscope and it has helped our quality scores tremendously!

- Christy Houghton, AMFT, CMA, Quality Care Coordinator, Premier Family Medical, Salt Lake City, UT